Our horses

We mainly use Icelandic horses to ride. Icelandics are easy to maintain and can withstand the harsh winters here in the Czech Republic. They are also able to ride well in the mountains. The horses are small and sturdy and can therefore handle the work perfectly.

Below are the horses we use for rides:

Rinda frá Breidablik

Rinda is an older mare that we only use for short rides and for children. She also gave some nice foals.

Saela frá Skjalaritara

In 2009 we bought Saela to enlarge our herd. She is a good mother and very nice to ride. She is quite forward, which makes her less suitable for beginners.


Kátur frá Breidablik

Kátur (pronounced Kauter) is a strong horse. He may react a little more nervous, although there is no harm in it. He is the leader of the herd, so a heavy job rests on his shoulders.

Kjói frá Breidablik

Kjói (pronounced Kjowie), we call him our pony. He has a beautiful trot and loves eating grass during the ride, so a little bit naughty he is.

Kjáni frá Breidablik

Kjáni (pronounced Kjauni) is a sweet horse and definitely suitable for beginners and people who are a little scared to sit on the back of a horse. Even for experienced riders he is nice to ride.

Gáta frá Skjalaritara

Gáta (pronounced Kauta) has had four foals and at the moment she is pregnant again. She gives beautiful big foals, which is why we already have a few foals from her.
Under the saddle she is good and quite brave.



Elja is a daughter of Rinda and has had two nice foals. She is very well-behaved and inherited her mother Rinda’s character. We are therefore very happy with her!


Djarfur is the first son of our stallion Baldi. He is therefore a bit of our pride. Djarfur is good, but he likes to make his own plans now and then. He tölt very easy and that is actually what we really want.



Lukka is not very big, but she is strong and has a mind of her own. She does her best under the saddle. She likes trail rides.


Gjöf frá Ludvíksstödum

Gjöf (pronounce as Kjuf) is not that big, but when you sit on her you don’t notice it. She walks on tirelessly. Her preferred gait is tölt, but she can also go in trot.

Ískaldur frá Ludvíksstödum

Iskaldur is increasingly used for our guests. He sometimes finds it a bit exciting, but he does his best for his rider.

Stormur frá Ludvíksstödum

Stormur took rides with guests for the first time this year. Stormur sometimes finds new things exciting. This is expressed by securing his body and no longer going smoothly.

Glaesir frá Ludvíksstödum

Glaesir took also rides with guests for the first time this year. Glaesir is a full brother of Djarfur. So far, he’s cool in the head and easy to ride. We are curious how he will develop further.