Stabling - Young horse herding


It is possible to stable your horse with us. This might not sound very logical all the way from another country, but it could happen that your horse needs a rest, or that you want to place him/her somewhere else temporarily. At Ludvikov Horses & Holiday there is enough grassland with lots of hills, where the horses get strong in a playful way.

We have our own beautiful Icelandic stallion. Your mare could be served by this stallion. There is also a Friesian stallion that gives beautiful Friesian offspring.

We could also train your horse, so he/she goes back home in a good condition.

Young horse herding

Our grassy pastures are in a hilly landscape which is just right for raising young horses (from ½ up to 3 years old), as they train their coordination and muscles. While growing up in a herd here at Ludvikov, the young ones are also able to develop social manners in a natural way. The horses in the pastures are well taken care of and checked several times a day. Your young horse can stay here in our pastures for however long you like.

Would you like to know the costs for stabling or young horse herding, click on pricelist.