Winter sports

The winter sport branche has grown the last couple of years. The prices are attractive and for the recreational skier there is enough challenge. The areas are also suitable for families, because the ski areas are child friendly.
The cold continental climate makes sure there is enough snow for skiing every year. If this is not the case, they will use snow cannons.

The ski areas are close to Ludvikov Horses & Holiday, so it is possible to visit different tracks to go skiing. Since 2009 a ski track has been made on the Polish side of the Smrk.  You can go to the top  with a gondola lift and ski down all the way to the bottom.

There is als enough room to go cross-country skiing. The forest with well made trails make the Czech Republic the ideal destination for cross-country skiing. Directly form Ludvikov Horses & Holiday skis can be bound and you can enjoy nature for hours. You have the choice not to go high up the mountains, or to put more challenge into the trips. Again, there is something for everyone.

What do you think of sledging behind the horse?  Which is fun for young and old!